Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29-dec-2009 letter

YEah I got the box, and I'm stoked to be training in the first ward, I meet my new companion later today, but until then Elder Horsfall and I are companions and doing the normal P-day stuff. But nothing new to report yet.
Have a good New year!
Elder Rubert
Note: First Ward is an english speaking ward.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22-dec-2009 letter

Merry Christmas!

This week has been awesome and we have seen a lot of good things
come of all the things that the ward does for Christmas. On Christmas
it will be about 7 o'clock there when I call(6 o'clock here).
I'll look forward to talking to you. Bye
Elder Rubert

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15-dec-2009 letter

This week has been pretty good we were able to go to the ward party on saturday and listen to Britney Buchanon sing and visit with our recent converts and some investigators a little bit. I got your package that you sent, and I also got the package that Duane, Trina, and the gang sent too! Thanks for everything. I also got a letter from the Timberline Seminary that was really awesome! Except for that everyone signed it except for Matthew. Hope everything is still going good for Christmas, next week I'll email you what time I'll be calling home, because right now I really don't know. That is going to be a really busy day. But just wanted to write and say Hi!Ciao,Elder Rubert

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

08-dec-2009 Letter

I haven't gotten the package yet but it should get here tomorrow if you shipped it yesterday. So sounds like everything is going good there. I'm stoked you guys got snow. It rained a little yesterday but that was about it. I have an L.L. Bean catalog that I asked a member if I could have and I'm living my winter through the pictures of snow in there. Now there is a lot of L.L.Bean stuff that I want to get when I get off my mission lol. Now that's good advertising, send pictures of snow to people in California where there is none?! But other than that, this last week has been awesome we've been teaching a lot of friends of the youth of the ward because all the old people have to work and say they don't feel comfortable sharing the gospel with their friends. Don't be those lame old people! Well I'm stoked that Christmas is coming up, and I get to go and have lunch at President's house today.So nothing much else is new. But Love you guys,
Ciao,Elder Rubert
p.s. someone from here in cypress is going to nick's mission so that should be sick!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

01-dec-2009 Letter

Everything here is going great and we are having some really great success. We taught this girl last night that was just an amazing lesson and I almost felt like the Spirit was making it so that we could all fly. I haven't had goosebumps like that in a long time. That was awesome that George got to call you guys, he said that he caught Dad a little offguard when he forgot what my last name was. So I told him he should have called you but he just called the house. But whatever. December can't be here already! My mission just started and now its almost 25% done:(. Time really does fly out here and it is crazy to think back and see all that has happened in this short amount of time. I'm still trying to get used to seeing Christmas lights up and it being mid 80's with no clouds. Its really weird. Everyone here is awesome though, I was scared when I got called to an English ward because I had forgotten how to teach in English and I didin't want to lose my Spanish, but I'm seeing that if I'm obedient that the Lord has helped me in my English teaching and my Spanish keeps improving everyday too. I'm stoked for Christmas, and guess what. I got my OnePiece stickers from Kara in the mail and they are totally awesome!!!! I hope that you all had an amazing thanksgiving and that everyone keeps studying in school and doesn't forget completly everything like I always did on my Christmas breaks. Oh, and to answer Dad's question ; Parangamacutirimicuaro is a indian city in Mexico. I'm pretty sure that's how you spell it. But I know that's how it's said.
Well Love you guys,
Elder Rubert

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24-november-2009 letter

This week had been awesome. And we have been having a blast.
It's a little weird being in an English ward though,
so I don't get to speak Spanish as much, but it is
still a blast, and we get to teach english to spanish
speakers so I still get in lots of spanish
practice. I would say that I can say everything
that I really ever want to say, so I'm stoked to
learn how to teach everything in English Now.
To answer your question, yes i've
had a few baptims now and they were pretty awesome.
I'm stoked for thanksgiving, we have like 3 or 4 dinner
appointments. I MIGHT EXPLODE! But that would be okay,
because it is going to be sooooooooo good.
Tell everyone that I say Hi, and that I'm still
having a blast. I will pray for Cody, so Love you
all and talk to you next week.
Elder Rubert

Hey how goes it?
The work in this new area is a lot different because we spend a lot of time
with less-active members. We are living with members now which is weird, and
this is the first time on my mission where I have had to consistently teach
in English. I FORGOT HOW! But even though I'm speaking English with everyone
my Spanish is still getting better and better. I can speak spanish well
enough to teach an english class and be able to say everything that I want
to say and have enough vocab that I can give them new words. It's way fun.
THAT'S CRAZY WITH CODY! I hope he's doing better and let him know that I
hope he gets better.
And yeah I've had a couple of Baptisms so far, and am having a blast and the
Lord is blessing me with plenty of success.
Elder Rubert
P.S. I really fun spanish word: Parangamacutirimicuaro

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17- Nov-2009 Letter

Hey mom.
EVerything here is going awesome. I got transferred again today and now I am living in Buena park, if you can please send the package to :
Elder Benjamen Rubert
7532 Honduras Way
Buena Park, CA 90620
I should be here for a little while, but I'll keep you updated. And my favorite type of cookies are oatmeal/peanut butter cookies. And the Cd-player, if you could find one that can plug into the wall to charge, because it is just for the apartment, we have cd-players in the car I'm driving. I'm driving a really nice brand new toyota corolla 2010 this transfer. This puppy's got some juice. My new companion's name is Elder Hesterly, and I'm living with Elder Horsfall again,THis transfer is stacked.
We get the following:
Mission Conference
Call Home
This is going to be an awesome transfer, but now I'm in an English ward so it will be weird, and I'll have to keep up my spanish so that I don't lose any of it.
I love you guys and take care.
Elder Rubert
..... continued......
My new apartment is kind of weird, I haven't gotten used to it quite yet. But it is so dirty, since my last two apartments have been big roomy and spacious with just missionaries living there, but now I live with a member and his mom. But I'm stoked that I get to drive again. First I got to drive the Mazda 3 in compton and now I get to drive the 2010 Corolla (it' nice!). And yesterday I got to see the whole trifecta of amazing cars. The new 2010 fleet Dodge Challenger RTS, Camarro SS, and the Mustang GT. It was a beautiful day. Everyone in california has nice cars but not house. It seems to me like they are thinking upside down and backwards.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10-nov-2009 letter

No I can't believe that it is November. It's still 85 and sunny and feels like a good summer day here. It's crazy that this is the end of my second transfer, next week I'll probably be somewhere else and it will be fun getting to learn a whole new area again. And to answer your question, I don't know about the gift card, because there are not the same stores in every area and I don't know where I'm going, so if she sends like just one of the visa or mastercard giftcards that would be perfect, but let her know that she doesn't really need to send me anything. And to answer the other question I don't know about that either, I was told that we normally just call home from a members phone, so I don't know whether it will be a cell phone or a house phone. Other than that, everything here is going great, we should have a pretty full weekend here and have lots of success. Sounds like everything over there is going well and that you guys are all having lots of fun. I still haven't heard anything from Matthew, and I'm waiting on that little bugger. Love you guys, have an awesome week!

Elder Rubert

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

03-NOV-2009 Letter

Brock got his call to Argentina, which mission. I have lots of friends that he needs to say hi to when he gets there. THATS AMAZING!!!!! Sounds like Halloween went well, and I just to let you know we went tracting on Halloween and it didn't turn out for us nearly as well as it turned out for everyone else probably. Well California is still sunny and hot even though we are in November. I get confused when its in the 90's and I look at my planner and see that it is November.

Keep being awesome and reading the Book of Mormon.

Love ya

Elder Rubert

It's crazy that it's november already. IT's almost Christmas. ANd it will be 100 degrees here on that day I know it lol.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27-OCT-2009 Letter

Hola Familia!

This past week has been awesome. We've been having lots of success in our area, and I'm seeing more and more each day how much the Lord blesses us as missionaries. He is making it so that we can all serve as Instruments in the Hands of the Almighty. I am honored to have this privilege to serve and encourage all to take this same step. Because, if you talk to Bro. Lowe, I wasn't really ever planning on taking this step to come on a mission. But because of this one step that I've taken I've seen my view on life take a complete 180degree turn. I just wanted to start out by thanking everyone for all the help that they gave me and the kicks in the butt that I received to come here.

Now on to the fun stuff. This last week we had such a blast in Cerritos,and we have been seeing so many people and teaching so many lessons that we see more and more how short our time as missionaries really are. I mean it seems just like yesterday that I saw the midnight showing of Transformers 2 with everyone, but now I've been a missionary for four months. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Ben Rubert
P.S. Why didn't I get any pictures ;)/:(

P.S.S. Well now to answer the questions that you guys gave me in your letters, here we go...
No matter how much I learn about how much I love conference now(which is like the super bowl for missionaries, and we get it twice a year instead of just once) I do remember how boring priesthood session and all of conference was growing up. I think it is because I didn't know the importance of what they were saying or of their apostolic calling. Oh, and I'm stoked to be able to talk to you in Spanish at Christmas, so start freshening up so that we can have a good conversation. Keep doing good in school too.( Wow, it feels good to be on this end of that now lol) Love you and hope everything keeps going well. Read the Book of Mormon.
First, the box arrived in pristine condition and the treats were amazing. But they were gone before I knew that I had began to eat them. And to answer Grandma L.'s question, that will be perfect. Sounds like everything is going good for you guys over there. And thanks for finding that Steven Sharp Nelson CD for me. I highly recommend copying it to iTunes. The "Praise to the Man" on there is awesome. I am also stoked to hear that you are reading the Book of Mormon. If you want some chapters to study here are some good ones. Ether 12(Always good)(Hebrews 13 in the bible goes with that one)Alma 17-(i don't know like 20 I think)3 Nephi 13 is good and also another great one is Alma 48. Love you and hope that work keeps going good and also sounds like your getting the mac down now, so Have an amazing week.
To respond to your short letter. I'm stoked that you can drive now so when I get home you can chauffeur me around all the time. It will be good. Also you ended your letter with "hope to her from you soon." Here is hearing from me, I would like to hear from you as well. Write me, por favor! Keep being good and I should be able to hear from you next week and you can tell me how you crashed the car in you first week driving it(please don't crash the saturn, the truck would be fine but not the saturn) Love ya, and keep on kickin' it. Oh and remember to catch up on onepiece and naruto. Read the Book of Mormon.
Let's see some good quotes coming my way next time missy. Oh and you know that you can email me as well and then you can give me a good quote every week that would be cool. How did your first Band concert go? Here we are having a blast. Elder Nalder got an ocarina in the mail from his family(it's a legit ocarina like the one from zelda) and he learned how to play all the hymns on it. It's hilarious. Keep the Book of Mormon, and when the spirit speaks to you and give you personal revelation remember to right it down somewhere like in your journal. Love ya, keep being on top of music for me when I get back.

Your handwriting has gotten a million times better. I'm stoked for when I get back and get to see how much you've grown and get to throw around with you with your lacrosse stick. I'm practicing... are you?! YOU GOT A DS!! WOW! Sound like you're having a blast and taking life by the horns. I would love to hear from you in an email if you can every week so I can know what's happening with you. Tell Brock hi for me as well. And I hope to hear from him soon. My companions and I are getting along awesome. My companion right now is Elder Holst and he is from Canada. He is way fun and a good teacher. You've been watching a lot of good movies, but remember "Year One" is not a church movie(It's got Jack Black in it for one.) Keep playing games and finding new fun ones so that when I get back we can game it up all night for a couple of nights. And don't worry about Long letters, I like them, it gives me something to do on preparation day other than try and think of things to tell people. And yes I do know a couple of missionaries that are gomers like the missionary in the Best Two Years. But they are also at the same time some of the best missionaries that I have ever met. The cookies were awesome, especially the Gorilla Poops. Keep reading the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20-oct-2009 Letter

Sounds like everything is busy over there. I got to go to the temple this morning and it was awesome. I didn't know the L.A. Temple was so big on the inside. It was different going from room to room. Now back in Cerritos we are having a blast and teaching people a lot, but because my companion is the zone leader, we have to go and do a bunch of extra stuff. I should be getting the box when we go to the mission home today, but I'm not sure. How is everyone doing? I hope well. Well that's all I have for this week. Talk to you guys later.

Ciao,Elder Ben Rubert

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13-OCT-2009 Letter

Hello Everybody,

So last week was transfers and I was told that I was staying in Compton and then we had a good last week in Compton and we got a lot of work done. And on Sunday we got to see Maria get confirmed and take the sacrament for the first time which was awesome. Then right after she got confirmed (during sacrament meeting) we get a call from the assistants so we have to go out into the hall to answer it. And the called and said that Elder Brough and Elder Esplin were going to be companions to cover Compton and Paramount and that I was going to be transferred at 3 o'clock that afternoon. CRAZY! So when we got done with church we went home and had our studies and then I packed everything up and got in the car and didn't know where I was going. After I got my stuff down to the car the assistants and President Sexton showed up and told me that I was going to Cerritos and that my companion was the Zone Leader.(Que paso) And then I got to my new area and met my new companion Elder Holst. He is from Canada and is a huge hockey fan. Unfortunately though, he doesn't play lacrosse :(Then after getting to know him we went out and started teaching. Come to find out that we are over the spanish wards in this area and everything all day everyday is in Spanish. I'm happy I worked on my Spanish while I was in Compton because now I can get by pretty well and my accent is coming along pretty well too. Other than that this week has been a blast Going from Compton to Cerritos. It's a huge difference in the appearances of the houses and the smells and views that you get. But all in all they are both awesome places. Hope everyone keeps having a blast and hope to hear from you guys next week.
Ciao, Elder Rubert

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

06-OCT-2009 Letter

Yes I had a chance to watch conference, it was amazing. I thought Elder Holland's talk was amazing. It's crazy that another temple is going up in Utah again. Tell Duane, Jacob, and the new baby happy birthday for me. That's crazy that the baby is already here. When I left, which feels like yesterday, there was still plenty of time until the baby was coming. Tell everyone down in Salt Lake hi for me while your there. Wish you guys luck with everything. This week we have had so much happening. Getting ready for conference and trying to get all of our investigators and less active members to come. Then Sunday was amazing. We got to the church at like 8:30 for the Choir broadcast, then we got to stay for both sessions of conference, and then afterward we got to go and see people get baptized. It was amazing. I was so exhausted because I don't think I have felt the spirit that strong for so long ever in my life. IT DRAINED ME COMPLETELY. but. I was also able to sleep like a baby so thats the good part. Now I promised Corbett that I would send out a quiz for everyone about conference. Now if everyone that could possibly take this quiz and then send it to me back with their answers in an e-mail that would be awesome(P.S. My email is benrubert@myldsmail.net). And see if Brother Hulme could answer this quiz for me as well. Ok, so here it goes.
Conference Quiz:
Saturday Morning
1.What did Richard G. Scott say is the thing that overcomes spiritual guidance? And In your own words what is something that we can do to prevent that from happening?

2. What did David A. Bednar say are the three things that we need to do to become more diligent and concerned at home(I think we do pretty good at this one!)? And Is there anything else that you could add on to this principle?

3. Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked to us about what we should be known for. What did you learn from this talk and what do you want to be known for? Saturday Afternoon

4. Robert D. Hales talked about letting the evidence of God all around us humble us. What is someting that stuck out specifically in this talk to you and how can you apply it in your life?

5. In Boyd K. Packer's story about the cow, what was the name of that cow? Priesthood Session

6. M. Russell Ballard talked to us about how to fix the relationships we have as fathers and sons. What stuck out to you the most about this talk, and what do you think would help to add to what he said about fixing the father and son relationship?

7. What did Walter F. Gonzalez say that we could do to make the Book of Mormon the most well read and applied book in the world? and How can we apply this in our every day lives?

8. Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a jaw-dropping talk about the importance of work and education. What did you learn and what can we do to apply what we have been taught?
what can we do to apply what we have been taught?

9. Henry B. Eyring talked about being prepared. How can we apply what he told us about always being prepared to be a worthy instrument in the Lord's hands?

10. Thomas S. Monson gave us an amazing talk on the danger of anger. How can we take what he talked about and eliminate this dangerous force from our lives?

Sunday Morning
11. Henry B. Eyring says that we must all become better, because it is a commandment. He also focused a lot on the family. How can we use his suggestions on the family to better improve our goal of becoming "perfect"? (Because God never commands us to do something that isn't possible, and He commanded us to "be perfect". SO HOW DOES THAT WORK?)

12. H. David Burton gave a talk on -ity virtues. Pick one of your favorite -ity virtues and tell me how from this talk you are able to find out what you can do to improve that virtue?

13. Was Russell M. Nelson able to read his personal revelation from the middle of the night? Sunday Afternoon

14. Jeffrey R. Holland. Enough said. Thoughts?

All Sessions:

15. What are some "callouts" that you heard for the people of the church and how can we fix what we were being called out on?

Well that is it for the conference quiz. Wow that took a lot longer to write then I thought that it would. Hope to hear from everyone and that everyone is having a blast. I know I am.

Oh, and for this transfer I'm staying in Compton so this will be where I'm at:
Elder Benjamen Rubert
6500 E. Atherton St.
Long Beach, CA 90815

It's better for mail to go there so if you have a different address. There is the new one.

Love you all. (Love was a huge theme this conference.) Ciao, Elder Rubert

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

29-Sep-2009 Letter

Everything has been going awesome. Last week we had the mission tour and it was amazing Elder Christensen talked to us about the atonement. His wife is a rock! That tells you that you have to be careful about who you marry or you could be called to be a general authority. CRAZY!!! I'm stoked for General Conference. It's going to be awesome. This transfer is over on saturday so I might be getting transfered. So if you are going to mail that package, mail it to the Mission home beacuse I don't know where I'll be living next week. Elder Brough only has one more transfer left, and its going to be crazy in compton if he gets transferred, beacuse I don't know the streets. I'm really not good at navigation and don't really have a sense of direction so the fact that I drive everywhere is so much fun. Hope everyone has an awesome week. I don't have much to write.
Ciao, Elder Rubert

Thursday, September 24, 2009

21 Sep 2009 Email to Corbett (cousin)

It's awesome that you had an amazing road trip with everyone, tell everyone that participated that I say hi. A girl from EFY huh, crazy mormons, I bet that was fun. Thanks for not giving me the details, but if you feel it need be let me know how that venture goes. Ballroom was amazing, that is amazing in and of itself. That is one thing that I miss a lot because there isn't really a lot of dancing out here in the mission field. You guys lost the Homecoming game, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I miss rain. There is no rain here but the days are hot and the nights are perfect everyday. The weather apparently doesn't really change that much. Tomorrow we have Elder Craig C. Christensen from the seventy coming tomorrow and he is going to have a like 4 hour meeting with us and then afterwards he is going to pick like ten to twelve missionaries and he is going to talk to them and interview them personally so they said that I have to memorize everything about my area. It is going to be a blast. I am so psyched that It's coming up and then we also have General Conference coming up. I'm going to be giving you all a General Conference Quiz after wards so make sure that you guys all pay attention.

Well I have a fun quote for you today from President Eyring:

"I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed. The dye has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I won't look back, let up, slow down, or be still. My past is redeemed, the present makes sense, and my future is secured. I'm finished and done with low-living, small planning, smooth knee, colorless dreams, tamed vision, worldly talking, cheap giving, and dwarfed goals. I no longer need preeminance, positions, promotinos, plaudits, or popularity. I don't have to be right, first, praised, regarded or rewarded. I now live by faith, lean on His presence, walk with patience, am uplifted by prayer, and labor with power. My face is set, my gate is fast, my goal is heaven. My road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my road is reliable, my mission is clear. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, divided or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of populatiry, or meander in the face of mediocrity. I will not give up, let up, or shut up until I have stayed up, stored up, and paid up for the cause of Christ. I must go until He comes, give until I drop, preach until all know, and work until He stops me, and when He returns for His own, He'll have no problem recognizing me, my banner will be clear."

Now remember that while life is to be enjoyed and not just endured that there are several things in life that are more important that anything else, if you want to know what they are and how you can put things in the right order in your life to be as successful as you could possibly be then study 3 Nephi 13. That is an amazing chapter. And if you find that you also have extra time read the following verses: Alma 48:17, Helaman 5:12, 1 Nephi 3:7(2:3), and also keep your eyes open for what you could do if you were in the situation that all these people were in. Keep being awesome and having fun. Happy Birthday and I love you broseph. Do everything you can do and be all you can be.

With Lots of Love,

The Real Captain Awesome.... Elder Benjamen Rubert

24 Sep 2009 Letter


Hey, how's it going? The temple bag made it her fine, and the mission tour is going to be awesome. You should send me a t-shirt pillow too. LOL. I told Matt that there was a game that I have in the attic for his 360, but the deal is that he has to write me. So could you do me a favor and make sure he keeps up his end of the deal? It's crazy that you guys are already thinking about Halloween. I know that the Book of Mormon is an amazing book, I am almost done reading it. I started about two weeks ago. I'm in Mormon six. Why didn't I know anything about Dad going everywhere for his mission? Other than that, this is in reply to your email, and next week's preparation day in on a Tuesday. I'm sending a letter with this to Randy Lowe. I also sent a duplicate email to Dad for one I sent to Corbett that can go on the blog.

Love ya,

Elder Ben Rubert

Monday, September 21, 2009

21-sep-2009 letter

Thank you so much for the Red Vines, they were awesome. I also am so happy that I have more ties now. I got all your letters and will answer all of them In my e-mail. First of all, I am so psyched for mission tour that we have tomorrow. We have Elder Christiensen coming and visiting with us tomorrow and he is going to talk and so is President Sexton. Everything is going good. Today we have to do a really good job cleaning everthing up to make sure that everything is in perfect condition for when Elder Christiensen comes.

Kathryn-I miss you a lot too and California is amazing. The mission is an amazingly fun place where I get to talk to knew people everyday and help people a lot. I am learning a lot and keep learning more and more everyday. My companion is Elder Brough and he is from Memphis, Tennessee. I can understand everything everyone says in Spanish and am working on being able to speak it but it is going way good. And yes, I have taught some people some stuff. But not just some stuff, I've been teaching them all that they have a point in their life and that if they live the right way that they can live with their families forever. Mr. Herron is cool, that's cool. Keep enjoying life and having a blast because when I get back it's going to be necessary for you to get to tell me a lot of cool stories about your life. And so you don't forget you can write them in your journal. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Rebekah-You hate junior high. What a surprise(not really). You never have been much of a fan of moving, I remember when Mrs. Starrey taught when I was there and that is awesome that you think that he is cool. I am loving my mission, and keep studying and learning more because you are going to have to up your armory if you are going to be able to compete with me in logical discussions when I get back. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Matthew-You are mute!!!!!!!! I am happy for the insight into your life and how things are going, how is the Xbox 360 and the fact that the principle shortened the lunch is horrible. REALLY HOW IS YOUR LIFE GOING? If you want there is a copy of Gears of War 2 up in the attic if you promise to write me about what is really going on in your life. Keep up the good work at school and make sure that you get good grades, because if you don't then it will be a drag when it gets to college time, and next year if you can take some dual credit classes get it done. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Dad-You served your mission in California? I thought you served in Argentina. Which is it? I am having lots of success here and get to listen to Elder Christiensen tomorrow and he is going to grab 10 or 12 missionaries from the mission and personally interview them, that would be sick. Keep up the good work in school so that you can get back on the job train. Because work is better than school any day of the week. And fishing is better than work any day of the week. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Mom- You guys are finally getting used to the school schedule ,that's good. I can't believe that General Conference is around the corner, it's going to be a blast. It's nice that you could see Kyndra come up. We are having ward missionary week and we have a lot of things going with the singles ward also. There is a big BBQ on saturday that is going to be awesome. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15-sep-2009 Letter

I've been crazy busy and I can't believe that it has been a week since last preparation day. This week was a really good one. We've had teaching appointments almost every hour of everyday and between apointments we find four or five new investigators a day for average. We have lots of investigators that are progressing too. And since the population around here is all african-american, latino, and samoan, I eat well at members or investigators houses at least once a day(and somedays I get lucky and eat twice a day). Everyday here gets quicker and quicker and my spanish gets better and better. It's awesome. I can understand almost everything that is spoken to me but I just need to get a little more vocab so that I can talk about everything and not just the gospel stuff.
Elder Rubert

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

08-SEP-2009 Letter

Hey everything is going awesome here.

First things first is to answer all your questions.There are 6 weeks between transfers, and yes my companion is awesome. Yes tuesday is my pday but last week it was on monday and I think it will be on monday in a couple weeks too. It's just that sometimes there is a change because we have our mission tour coming. And an answer to if I would like anything else in the box. I will take any food that you will send me, brownie mixes, mac and cheese boxes and etc. sound really good. And printers are a pain in the rear so I completely understand that the one hinge would be a problem. And yes I have adjusted to the missionary schedule as much as anyone else here has.

Now..whoo... To the letter for the week. This week was awesome. It sounds like the fair that you guys went to was no fun because you guys were all sick. I decided that I was going to read the Book of Mormon straight through so that I could get all the stories straight for me so I started on last Wednesday and I am working my way through Alma right now. It is so much fun to be speaking two different languages all day everyday. Some of our lessons we teach in English and read in Spanish some lessons we teach in both languages because half the family speaks Spanish and the other half speak English(I don't know how that works out), and other lessons are all English or all Spanish. It is helping me be able to switch back to English but at the same time it kind of makes learning all the Spanish a little harder. MARIA came to church on sunday and she was awesome. She brought her granddaughter and next week her two kids and two granddaughters should be there too. You wanted to know what my daily schedule is so I'll give you a quick little itinerary:
A day in the life of Elder Rubert
6:25-Wake up and put my gym clothes on
8:00-Personal Study
9:00-Companion Study
10:00-Spanish Study
11:00- Teach a lesson
12:00- Teach another lesson
1:00- Lunch
2:00- Teach
3:00- Otra Cita de ensenanza
4:00- Teach another Child of God
5:00- Eat amazing food at a member's house
6:00- teach again
7:00- Teach again
8:00- Teach again
9:00- Plan for the teaching apointments the next day
9:30- Second Dinner
10:30- Sleep(and do it all again tomorrow)

So I have lots of fun and its all having a blast and talking to new people everyday. I think in the last 2 weeks that I've only had to tract for like 2 hours total, we are teaching and finding so many people on the way to our next appointment it's awesome. And I can see the ocean everyday it is awesome, as we're driving on the freeway we look one way and see down town L.A. and we look another way and see the pier.
Keep on keepin' on,

Elder Ben Rubert

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

01-SEP-2009 Letter from the Mission President

We received a letter from Ben's mission president today . His companion/trainer is Elder Brough. His current address is 3275 Artesia Blvd #204 Long Beach, CA 90805. They included this picture of Ben with President and Sister Sexton.

3 cousins at the MTC

Monday, August 31, 2009

Letters - 31-aug-2009

I have now served a week of the mission in California, and it has been awesome. My first week has been full of lots of fun things that my companion says that he has never seen before on his mission. I hope that I am able to learn as much as he knows about spanish and the Gospel by the time I'm out here as long as he is. I ended up lucky with a good trainer, his name is Elder Brough by the way, and he is from Memphis, Tennessee. I am serving my first transfer in the Compton 7th ward. Which is the entire part of compton (except for a little sliver) that is in our mission. I have been teaching in spanish and english and everything is going awesome. A couple of nights ago we taught a man named oswaldo and his mom Maria and they are rock solid, and whenever the son has a question Maria comes back with a response from the chapter of scripture and an exact verse to answer his question. I think she reads the chapters we assign her 4 or 5 times before we come back the next day. I hope that everything is going well with you guys and you all keep having fun. Remember that life is too short to be serious all the time and life is to be enjoyed not just endured.
Love ya'll,
Elder Ben Rubert

The bike got here good and is now just sitting in the garage because we drive to our area everyday and have to use the car to jump from one side of compton to the other. We drive a Mazda 3 and it handles really well. My companion has too many tickets so I get to drive everywhere. Which is helping me get to know the area very well. i got blessed with a good companion that knows his stuff and know the gospel lessons. I hope that I can know that much spanish and gospel stuff when I've been here as long as he has. He has 21 1/2 months in the mission. I hope that everything is going good with everyone. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks.
Elder Rubert

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25-AUG-2009 out of the mission training center

Here is my new address for mail for my first transfer.

Elder Ben Rubert
3275 E Artesia Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90805

My first area is Compton and I'm super stoked it was nice talking to you guys this morning
Hope everything is going good.
PeaceElder Rubert

So I just got to Long Beach California. I am serving in Compton for my first area and am totally stoked. Hope that everyone is doing awesome because now I am out of the MTC and met my mission president and his wife made us lunch. IT WAS REAL FOOD. My new companion's name is Elder Brough and he has been here 15 transfers. I am so happy that I can see the ocean again and that I am out of the Utah Desert and get to have moisture in the air. I don't think that I'll be able to live anywhere where it never rains again. Or at least has moisture in the air. I arrived on Preparation day so today basically we went and had an interview with the Mission President, got assigned our trainer and went through all the other orientation stuff. Now I get to write a letter and hope that soon we get to go to the store to buy food. I am so happy I get to eat real food again. A recent convert Brother Robert Booth helped us today and was awesome he is actually feeding us dinner tomorrow night. I am so excited to have been called to such an awesome place and right now don't have much else to write because nothing else has happened yet. Keep being awesome,
Elder Rubert

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

20-AUG-2009 letter

I am ready to leave the MTC and I leave in 5 days. I am hoping that the flight and everything goes smoothly for the flight to Long Beach. I am so psyched to finally go and start teaching real people and learning real spanish. The MTC spanish is easy. I am ready to learn the real deal. The district with Aaron in it left this week and we have this last week alone. They have been here with us for 8 weeks and are like part of my family. This next week is all review and packing for tuesday morning when I get to call home between 7 and 8 am. (If you could let Trina know that I want to give here a call between 7 and 8 that would be awesome!) I hope everything is going well with you guys. Keep having fun. And remember that life isn't worth living if you don't celebrate the little things.

Elder Rubert

P.S. Tell Brock and Buddy Lowe hi for me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

13-AUG-2009 Letter

District 20C
The Elite Missionary Force Set for Long Beach California
Branch 20

Where am I going?

... It'll be sick to be in LBC finally. I'm so stoked, my mission president just sent me a letter that told us that we would get in around 10 have meetings till like 3 or 4 and then be proselyting at like 5. I'm so ready to teach real people. It's so weird here at the MTC being able to just talk Spanish with everyone. It's not perfect spanish by any stretch. but I can understand almost everything that everyone says it just takes a little while still for me to conjugate in my head. I hope everyone is doing good there. And I sent you some pictures on a cd. I made a mistake and I will be calling you guys between 7 and 8:15 on the 25th in the morning. So I will talk to you then.Love ya, ELder Rubert

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Letter 06-AUG-2009

I hope everything went well for you this week and that it didn't get too boring with everyone gone. That's awesome that you got a new scanner and I hate how long it takes to find the right drivers if the ones that come with it don't work. It's just rediculous. I am so psyched that I will be in long beach in less than 3 weeks now. Oh, and I got to Host Brandon into the MTC yesterday and it was awesome. He is also in my zone so I get to see him everyday. Lelana got a picture of Brandon and Me with my host sticker on. I think you should get a copy of the picture and send it to me. That is a good one for the photo album. I have now taught a bunch of lessons in spanish and everything is going good. I think I just told you everything that I put in the letter that I sent home. I think you guys have the California mission address don't you. If not let me know so that I can send it to you. I get my flight plans next week and I get to know all the details so that I can tell you when I am going to give you a phone call. I hope that everything is going well for you all and that all the back to school craziness is almost over. Love, Elder Ben Rubert

Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 July Letters

No the cookies weren't broken at all. And those were butterscotch chip cookies that you sent weren't they? But other than that everything here is going good and Iam just working on trying to get everthing here at the MTC done. I get my flight plans in 2 weeks i'm stoked. With the weeks going by so fast it feels like I just wrote you guys. If you could do me a favor and get my cell phone and look up the Honeycutt's phone numbers on it and call them and give them my contact info that would be awesome. I would love to be able to hear from them. Tell all the kids good luck at school for me.

Note: From here on Ben and his Mom got to "chat" via email since they were on line at the same time. Italics is Mom.
... the family went to see Harry Potter ....
Oh! Was that movie good. That makes me kind of sad since I could have seen it if my date wouldn't have been moved up. Was it really good?
....Matt got a video card for his computer for his birthday
Oh and I literally just got handed the Dear Elder you sent me today. Awesome what kind of video card did he get? ........I hope everything is going good with you guys, I thought of you all when I was in the temple this morning. Keep up the good work!Ciao,Ben

O and can you guys send me a bag for my temple clothes, and a picture album if you guys have an extra one laying around the house. thanks for the trailmix. IT's AWESOME THAT YOU ARE ON E-MAIL RIGHT NOW!
..... I told Ben there were 2 kinds of cookies in his box...
O I thought they were all the same and I just ate them all and shared them with everyone so they were only looked at for just a second. They are like gold. .... I asked what size photo album he needed......either or whichever you can find. I guess you can send it to long beach with everything too. I found out the other day that I'm aloud to make a phonecall when I'm in the airport. ....Wow that is exciting we might get to hear his voice before he goes to Long Beach. I asked Ben what kind of cookies he wanted....I'll just take the little bit of cookies. They feed us so much junk here its rediculous. I have never had such a craving for healthy food in my life. Thanks, and I am so ready to be gone from the MTC. Aaron leaves in 3 weeks and skyler leaves in 2. Brandon gets here next week and then Nick the next week and drew gets here probably like 2 hours after i leave. ... I asked if he had any special requests .....Not really last time was perfect with the cookies and all the trailmix. Maybe a can of peanuts or cashews next time. But no candy please. ... I told Ben that I couldn't write a long letter right now since I was at work......No prob thanks for the chat. See ya in 99 weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009





Welcome to the MTC Elder Rubert

July 23 - Letter

I'm learning lots and teaching the lessons in spanish now so it is way fun. And Tell Brother Green that I say hi! On tuesday we got to here Elder Groberg come and speak to us. I used to love going to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's center to go and chat with him. It's sad that he's not the temple president down there anymore. I think that the best thing that i've learned since coming here is how to effectively study. That means that I can fix all that stuff I messed up in college. I hope you guys are all having fun and don't forget to keep playing lots of games and keep up on music and movies for me for when I get home.
Love ya lots,

I got the package and thanks for everything thats in it. Tell everyone thank you for me and do me a favor and make sure that you get matthew something for me for his birthday, and make sure that he lets brother hulme see that talk as soon as school starts and that he gets that crazy old seminary teacher to write me.

Hope you guys are all having fun.


16 July - short message

No problem with the stuff. Can you aslo look through my stuff and find an extra pair of cargo shorts. And also if I could have some healthy snacks like a costco think of cashews that would be awesome. Elder Horsfall says that his mom went on a website called calledtoserve.com where she clicks on the food to send him and it is just delivered that day here. I thought that was pretty cool.

And about here being more exciting than where you are that might be true, but this is the biggest "Groundhogs day" ever

Love ya,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th Letters

That is awesome. Tell Kathryn happy birthday for me and I sent here a birthday present in the mail it should come in a tall round tube. I don't know if it will get there by here birthday but if it doesn't then tell her its on the way when its her birthday.

I'm just picking up the spanish pretty well. I can basically understand anything that is spoken to me, and can read it very well, I am just having a little trouble conjugating all the verbs in my head when i'm speaking. So mainly I just stick to the memorized phrases, and then only conjugate stuff when I need to and it takes a little while, and half the time I say it wrong.

Love ya, Ben

I only get a half an hour of internet access every thurseday and I only end up using like ten minutes of it, I can't imagine being like the other missionaries here and spending all day writing letters, my companion is writing a letter to the future Mrs. Horsfall, and I want to go outside and enjoy the weather lol. It's so nice that it only take me about half an hour to get all my writing letters and e-mails done.
Ciao,Elder Rubert

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter 1 Jul 2009


So I've gotten your letters so far, and my lacrosse stick from you. Thank you so much. So far I think you have gotten the letter I sent you on the first day, and probably will get the email that I will send you tomorrow before you get this.

Just to give you a quick summary of what has happened so far, the second day I was here I got to listen to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak, while seven other apostles sat on the stand.

Okay, time out. Real quick, how is Brock doing? Is he getting close to turning his papers in? Enclosed I also have a letter addressed to him, and if you could give it to him for me that would be awesome.

Sorry, now back to what I was saying, Elder Holland gave the most inspiring talk that I had ever heard, that talk changed my whole outlook on this mission.

Oh, and by the way, Trina sent me my garments so don't worry about it.

Okay, back to my story again, after listening to Elder Holland speak, we then had an amazing Sunday and (Don't tell anyone, but I joined the MTC choir. Just kidding, tell everyone.) I had the opportunity to have fourteen of the fifteen living apostles at our sacrament meeting and I got to sing to them which was awesome. I am so happy I got called early, because of this I got to be here for all the apostles that were here for the Mission Presidents Seminar that was on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then on Tuesday I got to listen to the managing director of the MTC, Brother Allen. He has got to be one of the funniest people I've ever heard talk at a church function. Then last night we had a fireside where that Lund guy that wrote The Work and the Glorytalked, and he gave a pretty decent talk as well. He gave a real life mission talk that hit me pretty hard. Hope everything is going well.

Ciao, Elder Rubert

P.S. Tell Rebekah to read Ether. That book changed my opinion of the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 1 at MTC

How is everything going with you guys,
and I was also wondering if you guys
could send me a couple more pairs of my
gym shorts, and a couple more t-shirts,
I didn't realize that I would have gym 5
days a week. I thought that it was only
once a week like in the mission field.

But here at the MTC so far it has been great,
and I was also wanting to thank you
for sending me the lacrosse stick. The only
problem is that there is no screw to
keep the head on lol. When I was throwing
with it earlier, the head went flying and
almost hit Elder Raynor in the head.

I didn't know that it took 5-6 days to
order pictures from the bookstore, or I would
have put pictures in with the letter that I
sent to you guys, included in there is
a letter for Randy, and a letter for Brock.
If you could give those letters to them
for me that would be awesome. So I will send
you those pictures as soon as I get them
and they should go with the letters,

And if the Bishop asks, my favorite Scripture
is Ether 12:4. I took a picture here
but you might want to photoshop it so that
i'm not standing in front of a door.
Or you can put it up like it is. I really
don't care which.

I just thought you might like it if i sent
you an e-mail and said hi.


Elder Rubert

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Setting Apart - June 23, 2009

I was set apart as a missionary by President Stevens from my Idaho Falls Stake at Chris and Jane Allison's home in Salt Lake City. I entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday June 24, 2009.

Then we went to the Temple...

It all started with an envelope from Salt Lake...