Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27-OCT-2009 Letter

Hola Familia!

This past week has been awesome. We've been having lots of success in our area, and I'm seeing more and more each day how much the Lord blesses us as missionaries. He is making it so that we can all serve as Instruments in the Hands of the Almighty. I am honored to have this privilege to serve and encourage all to take this same step. Because, if you talk to Bro. Lowe, I wasn't really ever planning on taking this step to come on a mission. But because of this one step that I've taken I've seen my view on life take a complete 180degree turn. I just wanted to start out by thanking everyone for all the help that they gave me and the kicks in the butt that I received to come here.

Now on to the fun stuff. This last week we had such a blast in Cerritos,and we have been seeing so many people and teaching so many lessons that we see more and more how short our time as missionaries really are. I mean it seems just like yesterday that I saw the midnight showing of Transformers 2 with everyone, but now I've been a missionary for four months. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Ben Rubert
P.S. Why didn't I get any pictures ;)/:(

P.S.S. Well now to answer the questions that you guys gave me in your letters, here we go...
No matter how much I learn about how much I love conference now(which is like the super bowl for missionaries, and we get it twice a year instead of just once) I do remember how boring priesthood session and all of conference was growing up. I think it is because I didn't know the importance of what they were saying or of their apostolic calling. Oh, and I'm stoked to be able to talk to you in Spanish at Christmas, so start freshening up so that we can have a good conversation. Keep doing good in school too.( Wow, it feels good to be on this end of that now lol) Love you and hope everything keeps going well. Read the Book of Mormon.
First, the box arrived in pristine condition and the treats were amazing. But they were gone before I knew that I had began to eat them. And to answer Grandma L.'s question, that will be perfect. Sounds like everything is going good for you guys over there. And thanks for finding that Steven Sharp Nelson CD for me. I highly recommend copying it to iTunes. The "Praise to the Man" on there is awesome. I am also stoked to hear that you are reading the Book of Mormon. If you want some chapters to study here are some good ones. Ether 12(Always good)(Hebrews 13 in the bible goes with that one)Alma 17-(i don't know like 20 I think)3 Nephi 13 is good and also another great one is Alma 48. Love you and hope that work keeps going good and also sounds like your getting the mac down now, so Have an amazing week.
To respond to your short letter. I'm stoked that you can drive now so when I get home you can chauffeur me around all the time. It will be good. Also you ended your letter with "hope to her from you soon." Here is hearing from me, I would like to hear from you as well. Write me, por favor! Keep being good and I should be able to hear from you next week and you can tell me how you crashed the car in you first week driving it(please don't crash the saturn, the truck would be fine but not the saturn) Love ya, and keep on kickin' it. Oh and remember to catch up on onepiece and naruto. Read the Book of Mormon.
Let's see some good quotes coming my way next time missy. Oh and you know that you can email me as well and then you can give me a good quote every week that would be cool. How did your first Band concert go? Here we are having a blast. Elder Nalder got an ocarina in the mail from his family(it's a legit ocarina like the one from zelda) and he learned how to play all the hymns on it. It's hilarious. Keep the Book of Mormon, and when the spirit speaks to you and give you personal revelation remember to right it down somewhere like in your journal. Love ya, keep being on top of music for me when I get back.

Your handwriting has gotten a million times better. I'm stoked for when I get back and get to see how much you've grown and get to throw around with you with your lacrosse stick. I'm practicing... are you?! YOU GOT A DS!! WOW! Sound like you're having a blast and taking life by the horns. I would love to hear from you in an email if you can every week so I can know what's happening with you. Tell Brock hi for me as well. And I hope to hear from him soon. My companions and I are getting along awesome. My companion right now is Elder Holst and he is from Canada. He is way fun and a good teacher. You've been watching a lot of good movies, but remember "Year One" is not a church movie(It's got Jack Black in it for one.) Keep playing games and finding new fun ones so that when I get back we can game it up all night for a couple of nights. And don't worry about Long letters, I like them, it gives me something to do on preparation day other than try and think of things to tell people. And yes I do know a couple of missionaries that are gomers like the missionary in the Best Two Years. But they are also at the same time some of the best missionaries that I have ever met. The cookies were awesome, especially the Gorilla Poops. Keep reading the Book of Mormon.

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