Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 1 at MTC

How is everything going with you guys,
and I was also wondering if you guys
could send me a couple more pairs of my
gym shorts, and a couple more t-shirts,
I didn't realize that I would have gym 5
days a week. I thought that it was only
once a week like in the mission field.

But here at the MTC so far it has been great,
and I was also wanting to thank you
for sending me the lacrosse stick. The only
problem is that there is no screw to
keep the head on lol. When I was throwing
with it earlier, the head went flying and
almost hit Elder Raynor in the head.

I didn't know that it took 5-6 days to
order pictures from the bookstore, or I would
have put pictures in with the letter that I
sent to you guys, included in there is
a letter for Randy, and a letter for Brock.
If you could give those letters to them
for me that would be awesome. So I will send
you those pictures as soon as I get them
and they should go with the letters,

And if the Bishop asks, my favorite Scripture
is Ether 12:4. I took a picture here
but you might want to photoshop it so that
i'm not standing in front of a door.
Or you can put it up like it is. I really
don't care which.

I just thought you might like it if i sent
you an e-mail and said hi.


Elder Rubert

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