Tuesday, December 8, 2009

08-dec-2009 Letter

I haven't gotten the package yet but it should get here tomorrow if you shipped it yesterday. So sounds like everything is going good there. I'm stoked you guys got snow. It rained a little yesterday but that was about it. I have an L.L. Bean catalog that I asked a member if I could have and I'm living my winter through the pictures of snow in there. Now there is a lot of L.L.Bean stuff that I want to get when I get off my mission lol. Now that's good advertising, send pictures of snow to people in California where there is none?! But other than that, this last week has been awesome we've been teaching a lot of friends of the youth of the ward because all the old people have to work and say they don't feel comfortable sharing the gospel with their friends. Don't be those lame old people! Well I'm stoked that Christmas is coming up, and I get to go and have lunch at President's house today.So nothing much else is new. But Love you guys,
Ciao,Elder Rubert
p.s. someone from here in cypress is going to nick's mission so that should be sick!

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