Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 Sep 2009 Letter


Hey, how's it going? The temple bag made it her fine, and the mission tour is going to be awesome. You should send me a t-shirt pillow too. LOL. I told Matt that there was a game that I have in the attic for his 360, but the deal is that he has to write me. So could you do me a favor and make sure he keeps up his end of the deal? It's crazy that you guys are already thinking about Halloween. I know that the Book of Mormon is an amazing book, I am almost done reading it. I started about two weeks ago. I'm in Mormon six. Why didn't I know anything about Dad going everywhere for his mission? Other than that, this is in reply to your email, and next week's preparation day in on a Tuesday. I'm sending a letter with this to Randy Lowe. I also sent a duplicate email to Dad for one I sent to Corbett that can go on the blog.

Love ya,

Elder Ben Rubert

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