Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th Letters

That is awesome. Tell Kathryn happy birthday for me and I sent here a birthday present in the mail it should come in a tall round tube. I don't know if it will get there by here birthday but if it doesn't then tell her its on the way when its her birthday.

I'm just picking up the spanish pretty well. I can basically understand anything that is spoken to me, and can read it very well, I am just having a little trouble conjugating all the verbs in my head when i'm speaking. So mainly I just stick to the memorized phrases, and then only conjugate stuff when I need to and it takes a little while, and half the time I say it wrong.

Love ya, Ben

I only get a half an hour of internet access every thurseday and I only end up using like ten minutes of it, I can't imagine being like the other missionaries here and spending all day writing letters, my companion is writing a letter to the future Mrs. Horsfall, and I want to go outside and enjoy the weather lol. It's so nice that it only take me about half an hour to get all my writing letters and e-mails done.
Ciao,Elder Rubert

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