Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10-nov-2009 letter

No I can't believe that it is November. It's still 85 and sunny and feels like a good summer day here. It's crazy that this is the end of my second transfer, next week I'll probably be somewhere else and it will be fun getting to learn a whole new area again. And to answer your question, I don't know about the gift card, because there are not the same stores in every area and I don't know where I'm going, so if she sends like just one of the visa or mastercard giftcards that would be perfect, but let her know that she doesn't really need to send me anything. And to answer the other question I don't know about that either, I was told that we normally just call home from a members phone, so I don't know whether it will be a cell phone or a house phone. Other than that, everything here is going great, we should have a pretty full weekend here and have lots of success. Sounds like everything over there is going well and that you guys are all having lots of fun. I still haven't heard anything from Matthew, and I'm waiting on that little bugger. Love you guys, have an awesome week!

Elder Rubert

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