Monday, April 25, 2011

25-apr-2011 photos

25-apr-2011 letter


This Easter Sunday was great. We had a great Easter service here in the Rio Hondo ward. Then we came home and I got a lot of time for personal study because the medicine that the doctor gave Elder Viecco knocked him out. I'm excited because this Thursday we have a mission meeting with Elder L. Tom Perry. This week went well. I had a few chances to leave the apartment and go on splits with some of the Elders in my district. I'm making really good time on my goal of reading the entire bible again before I go home. Love you all. Happy to hear that the weather in Idaho is still unpredictable.


Elder Rubert

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Elder Moore's letter - 19-apr-2011

Elder Moore sent a lot more detailed story than I did. You can post it if you want.
"So as you can tell today is tuseday and i am emailing you. well that is because today i went to the Temple so for know my Pday has switched. anyway i went to the 5:30 seccion this morning and i am just sitting there just drinking in the peace when i here some more people walk in. so i turn around to see if it was anyone else for my zone and if i knew. well it they were not from my zone but i did how ever know who they were (well at least one of them). At first(by the way i am not telling you the persons name yet for a reason) i thought "hey that Elder looks like Elder Ruben he must be from the glendale zone". Then i looked a little closer at who it really was. And that is when Memory Kid in.
"I do know him and he knows me too!! but dose he remember me enough to know who i am?" So we go though the session and i am thinking "I wonder if he remeber me from back then?"we get to the end and we are going to go in to the celestail room and he sit next to me and he kind of looks over (To me at this point in the story Form the way he stare at me i KNOW he can't remeber where he met me). we get to the Celestial room and i sit down and he sit down in a chair across the room and i thought that i would say hi once we got in. but that changed after like 3 mintues. He came over and sat next to trun my direction and asked "Do i know you from some where? I swear that i know we met before" well i turn to him (holding back the laughs) and say "Trina is my Aunt." And is saw the light bulb go off in his head. "oh Your Brett Moore. i thought that was you but for some reason i thought that you were on the other side of the country" I told him, "no that is my sister Becca" So we talked a little longer about Our missions and how fast it had gone by and what had been said about conference and how his mission pres had said that when they get home to heed the Prophet's council. He also said that when elders would go home in the LONG Beach Mission his old mission pres. would open the white had book and read "Go to your nest area with out delay and Find you next companion quickly. The only differents from the mission is that you get to choose your next companion." We talked out side the temple a little and took a picture (trina you will have it by now) and talk of how Corbett is now the only one who is not married out of the family.He mentioned That when corbett get back, However, "That Boy has a full ride to BYU in ballroom and Is at byu He will have no problem get married." Yes Corbett I Too Agree with your Cousin that you will have no problem sweeping girls off their feet. So Can you guess who i Met at the temple i Know think i could have made it any Clear than by saying. That i Saw Elder Benjamin Rubert at the temple. Boy that was fun."

19-APR-2011 Letter

Hola Familia,

This week was spectacular. I had so much study time! My companion has been out because of his bike accident so I've had all the time in the world to think and ponder and study. It has been great. And I was also able to go on splits with Elder Stringham and go and teach a little bit back in Cerritos and then we went together and I was able to go around and break the ice with a lot of the investigators and members that I hadn't been able to meet yet. This morning my district went to the temple which is great. I have lots of fun pictures to send but I forgot my cable at the house so next week we'll see if I remember. Thank you so much for mailing me that letter so that I could get the library card. I only had pday on tuesday this week because of the temple, the next week it will be on monday again. When I was at the temple there were some missionaries from the arcadia mission there and it was fun to get to know and talk to them as well. And also Brett Moore was there which was really fun. We got to sit down and talk for a bit and see how the mission has gone. He goes home in August, so just one transfer after me. He speaks spanish pretty well and sounds like everything is going awesome for him right now. Then afterwards we went and we checked out the new L.A. Vistitors Center which is fantastic. We saw some of the exhibits and got to talk to one of the sister missionaries that was there. It was fun. Then we came back and the member bought us some breakfast burritos.
I have no idea what my ID is from idaho state, but I'll see what I can do to check it out. President gave me permission to get on the site so I'll see what I can do to let them know to call you.


Elder Rubert

Monday, April 11, 2011

11-APR-2011 Letter

Hello Everyone, This week has been fun learning a new area again. It's good to be on bike again. I've lost 37 pounds since I was in Cypress. I don't know why I let myself get fat. But I should be able to reach my goal with another 5 lbs. before I get home now that I'm on bike. How did you like General Conference? I just got a letter from Grandma Ligler and sounds like she's doing well. It's crazy that the Atlanta temple has been closed and reopened while I've been out. And are you stoked that we have a temple that is going to be built in Meridian. You can never get too many temples. During conference weekend we had a chance to take some time and think a lot about the council that the brethren gave us. And looks like, at least for all of us that are going home in the near future, that President wanted to make sure that the counsel on going home and getting married was ingrained really deep. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk during priesthood session that talked about how a lot of Latter-Day Saints are living below their privileges. The new area is great and it's a blast to have a second go at being a District Leader. I also lucked out to be in an all spanish district as well so that I can teach in spanish. I'm not going to lie, I feel a lot more comfortable teaching in Spanish than I do in English. But the new area is good so far. I haven't really gotten a full week here yet though, because we've been in the house for the last 3 days. My new companion Elder Viecco crashed hard on his bike the other day and I had to take him to the hospital. But now he has some medicine and we're going to the doctor tomorrow to get him all scanned and see what else we need to do. Well it's exciting to be in LA county again. It is a completely different world than the OC. When I finish my mission I will have a year in both counties. Fun stuff! Well I love you all and hope for the best. Ciao, Elder Rubert

Monday, April 4, 2011

28-mar-2011 and 04-apr-2011 letters

Hola Familia, This week has been great! We had an amazing weekend full of lots of spirit packed meetings. The zone had four baptisms this week which was really great. And we're all getting the people that we are teaching stoked about General Conference so that we can hopefully get a good turn out so that they can hear the prophet speak. This next week is going to be exciting. It's the last week of another transfer so that means that we'll be crazy busy with meetings and it always seems to be that this is the week where most of the transfers success ends up being. I don't really get why it works that way, but oh well. Tomorrow Elder Knight and I get to go to the temple with Lynn Vlaaschaert which will be awesome. Then on Friday we have ZLC which will be a blast. I'm excited once again to see what the Lord has in store for the coming transfer. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. I'm going to write a letter to Brock so when it gets there can you get it to him. Ciao, Elder Rubert Hola Familia, Well this last week was really busy and amazing. We started off the week by having our zone activity which was really fun where we played FUJI ball. That was a blast and then on Friday we had ZLC and saw a huge switch up in the mission. Because we are all going home in the next 3 months, a lot of the leadership got a rotation so that there will still be some when we all leave. I got called to be a District Leader again and am getting transferred all the way across the mission to Pico Rivera. I'm going to be serving in the Rio Hondo Ward with Elder Viecco (Columbiano). I'm really excited to go and see the Whittier stake. It is the only part of the mission that I had never been too. So now I will have officially seen the entire mission. We also had General Conference which was amazing and we had a lot of the people from the ward making sure to remind us about what Elder Scott talked about making mairrage our number one priority when we get home. So this week was stocked full of meetings and other things. Next transfer is going to be a blast. I love change. I'm a little sad to be leaving Huntington Beach, and that I was only with Elder Hinton for one transfer, but hey. I will go and do. I also found out that I'm going to be on bike for the next couple of transfers which should be fun. Sounds like you all had fun on your Seattle trip and I hope you keep having fun. Love you all, Ciao, Elder Rubert