Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 July Letters

No the cookies weren't broken at all. And those were butterscotch chip cookies that you sent weren't they? But other than that everything here is going good and Iam just working on trying to get everthing here at the MTC done. I get my flight plans in 2 weeks i'm stoked. With the weeks going by so fast it feels like I just wrote you guys. If you could do me a favor and get my cell phone and look up the Honeycutt's phone numbers on it and call them and give them my contact info that would be awesome. I would love to be able to hear from them. Tell all the kids good luck at school for me.

Note: From here on Ben and his Mom got to "chat" via email since they were on line at the same time. Italics is Mom.
... the family went to see Harry Potter ....
Oh! Was that movie good. That makes me kind of sad since I could have seen it if my date wouldn't have been moved up. Was it really good?
....Matt got a video card for his computer for his birthday
Oh and I literally just got handed the Dear Elder you sent me today. Awesome what kind of video card did he get? ........I hope everything is going good with you guys, I thought of you all when I was in the temple this morning. Keep up the good work!Ciao,Ben

O and can you guys send me a bag for my temple clothes, and a picture album if you guys have an extra one laying around the house. thanks for the trailmix. IT's AWESOME THAT YOU ARE ON E-MAIL RIGHT NOW!
..... I told Ben there were 2 kinds of cookies in his box...
O I thought they were all the same and I just ate them all and shared them with everyone so they were only looked at for just a second. They are like gold. .... I asked what size photo album he needed......either or whichever you can find. I guess you can send it to long beach with everything too. I found out the other day that I'm aloud to make a phonecall when I'm in the airport. ....Wow that is exciting we might get to hear his voice before he goes to Long Beach. I asked Ben what kind of cookies he wanted....I'll just take the little bit of cookies. They feed us so much junk here its rediculous. I have never had such a craving for healthy food in my life. Thanks, and I am so ready to be gone from the MTC. Aaron leaves in 3 weeks and skyler leaves in 2. Brandon gets here next week and then Nick the next week and drew gets here probably like 2 hours after i leave. ... I asked if he had any special requests .....Not really last time was perfect with the cookies and all the trailmix. Maybe a can of peanuts or cashews next time. But no candy please. ... I told Ben that I couldn't write a long letter right now since I was at work......No prob thanks for the chat. See ya in 99 weeks.

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