Monday, September 21, 2009

21-sep-2009 letter

Thank you so much for the Red Vines, they were awesome. I also am so happy that I have more ties now. I got all your letters and will answer all of them In my e-mail. First of all, I am so psyched for mission tour that we have tomorrow. We have Elder Christiensen coming and visiting with us tomorrow and he is going to talk and so is President Sexton. Everything is going good. Today we have to do a really good job cleaning everthing up to make sure that everything is in perfect condition for when Elder Christiensen comes.

Kathryn-I miss you a lot too and California is amazing. The mission is an amazingly fun place where I get to talk to knew people everyday and help people a lot. I am learning a lot and keep learning more and more everyday. My companion is Elder Brough and he is from Memphis, Tennessee. I can understand everything everyone says in Spanish and am working on being able to speak it but it is going way good. And yes, I have taught some people some stuff. But not just some stuff, I've been teaching them all that they have a point in their life and that if they live the right way that they can live with their families forever. Mr. Herron is cool, that's cool. Keep enjoying life and having a blast because when I get back it's going to be necessary for you to get to tell me a lot of cool stories about your life. And so you don't forget you can write them in your journal. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Rebekah-You hate junior high. What a surprise(not really). You never have been much of a fan of moving, I remember when Mrs. Starrey taught when I was there and that is awesome that you think that he is cool. I am loving my mission, and keep studying and learning more because you are going to have to up your armory if you are going to be able to compete with me in logical discussions when I get back. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Matthew-You are mute!!!!!!!! I am happy for the insight into your life and how things are going, how is the Xbox 360 and the fact that the principle shortened the lunch is horrible. REALLY HOW IS YOUR LIFE GOING? If you want there is a copy of Gears of War 2 up in the attic if you promise to write me about what is really going on in your life. Keep up the good work at school and make sure that you get good grades, because if you don't then it will be a drag when it gets to college time, and next year if you can take some dual credit classes get it done. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Dad-You served your mission in California? I thought you served in Argentina. Which is it? I am having lots of success here and get to listen to Elder Christiensen tomorrow and he is going to grab 10 or 12 missionaries from the mission and personally interview them, that would be sick. Keep up the good work in school so that you can get back on the job train. Because work is better than school any day of the week. And fishing is better than work any day of the week. Love ya, Elder Rubert

Mom- You guys are finally getting used to the school schedule ,that's good. I can't believe that General Conference is around the corner, it's going to be a blast. It's nice that you could see Kyndra come up. We are having ward missionary week and we have a lot of things going with the singles ward also. There is a big BBQ on saturday that is going to be awesome. Love ya, Elder Rubert

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