Tuesday, October 13, 2009

13-OCT-2009 Letter

Hello Everybody,

So last week was transfers and I was told that I was staying in Compton and then we had a good last week in Compton and we got a lot of work done. And on Sunday we got to see Maria get confirmed and take the sacrament for the first time which was awesome. Then right after she got confirmed (during sacrament meeting) we get a call from the assistants so we have to go out into the hall to answer it. And the called and said that Elder Brough and Elder Esplin were going to be companions to cover Compton and Paramount and that I was going to be transferred at 3 o'clock that afternoon. CRAZY! So when we got done with church we went home and had our studies and then I packed everything up and got in the car and didn't know where I was going. After I got my stuff down to the car the assistants and President Sexton showed up and told me that I was going to Cerritos and that my companion was the Zone Leader.(Que paso) And then I got to my new area and met my new companion Elder Holst. He is from Canada and is a huge hockey fan. Unfortunately though, he doesn't play lacrosse :(Then after getting to know him we went out and started teaching. Come to find out that we are over the spanish wards in this area and everything all day everyday is in Spanish. I'm happy I worked on my Spanish while I was in Compton because now I can get by pretty well and my accent is coming along pretty well too. Other than that this week has been a blast Going from Compton to Cerritos. It's a huge difference in the appearances of the houses and the smells and views that you get. But all in all they are both awesome places. Hope everyone keeps having a blast and hope to hear from you guys next week.
Ciao, Elder Rubert

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