Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 July Letters

No the cookies weren't broken at all. And those were butterscotch chip cookies that you sent weren't they? But other than that everything here is going good and Iam just working on trying to get everthing here at the MTC done. I get my flight plans in 2 weeks i'm stoked. With the weeks going by so fast it feels like I just wrote you guys. If you could do me a favor and get my cell phone and look up the Honeycutt's phone numbers on it and call them and give them my contact info that would be awesome. I would love to be able to hear from them. Tell all the kids good luck at school for me.

Note: From here on Ben and his Mom got to "chat" via email since they were on line at the same time. Italics is Mom.
... the family went to see Harry Potter ....
Oh! Was that movie good. That makes me kind of sad since I could have seen it if my date wouldn't have been moved up. Was it really good?
....Matt got a video card for his computer for his birthday
Oh and I literally just got handed the Dear Elder you sent me today. Awesome what kind of video card did he get? ........I hope everything is going good with you guys, I thought of you all when I was in the temple this morning. Keep up the good work!Ciao,Ben

O and can you guys send me a bag for my temple clothes, and a picture album if you guys have an extra one laying around the house. thanks for the trailmix. IT's AWESOME THAT YOU ARE ON E-MAIL RIGHT NOW!
..... I told Ben there were 2 kinds of cookies in his box...
O I thought they were all the same and I just ate them all and shared them with everyone so they were only looked at for just a second. They are like gold. .... I asked what size photo album he needed......either or whichever you can find. I guess you can send it to long beach with everything too. I found out the other day that I'm aloud to make a phonecall when I'm in the airport. ....Wow that is exciting we might get to hear his voice before he goes to Long Beach. I asked Ben what kind of cookies he wanted....I'll just take the little bit of cookies. They feed us so much junk here its rediculous. I have never had such a craving for healthy food in my life. Thanks, and I am so ready to be gone from the MTC. Aaron leaves in 3 weeks and skyler leaves in 2. Brandon gets here next week and then Nick the next week and drew gets here probably like 2 hours after i leave. ... I asked if he had any special requests .....Not really last time was perfect with the cookies and all the trailmix. Maybe a can of peanuts or cashews next time. But no candy please. ... I told Ben that I couldn't write a long letter right now since I was at work......No prob thanks for the chat. See ya in 99 weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009





Welcome to the MTC Elder Rubert

July 23 - Letter

I'm learning lots and teaching the lessons in spanish now so it is way fun. And Tell Brother Green that I say hi! On tuesday we got to here Elder Groberg come and speak to us. I used to love going to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's center to go and chat with him. It's sad that he's not the temple president down there anymore. I think that the best thing that i've learned since coming here is how to effectively study. That means that I can fix all that stuff I messed up in college. I hope you guys are all having fun and don't forget to keep playing lots of games and keep up on music and movies for me for when I get home.
Love ya lots,

I got the package and thanks for everything thats in it. Tell everyone thank you for me and do me a favor and make sure that you get matthew something for me for his birthday, and make sure that he lets brother hulme see that talk as soon as school starts and that he gets that crazy old seminary teacher to write me.

Hope you guys are all having fun.


16 July - short message

No problem with the stuff. Can you aslo look through my stuff and find an extra pair of cargo shorts. And also if I could have some healthy snacks like a costco think of cashews that would be awesome. Elder Horsfall says that his mom went on a website called where she clicks on the food to send him and it is just delivered that day here. I thought that was pretty cool.

And about here being more exciting than where you are that might be true, but this is the biggest "Groundhogs day" ever

Love ya,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th Letters

That is awesome. Tell Kathryn happy birthday for me and I sent here a birthday present in the mail it should come in a tall round tube. I don't know if it will get there by here birthday but if it doesn't then tell her its on the way when its her birthday.

I'm just picking up the spanish pretty well. I can basically understand anything that is spoken to me, and can read it very well, I am just having a little trouble conjugating all the verbs in my head when i'm speaking. So mainly I just stick to the memorized phrases, and then only conjugate stuff when I need to and it takes a little while, and half the time I say it wrong.

Love ya, Ben

I only get a half an hour of internet access every thurseday and I only end up using like ten minutes of it, I can't imagine being like the other missionaries here and spending all day writing letters, my companion is writing a letter to the future Mrs. Horsfall, and I want to go outside and enjoy the weather lol. It's so nice that it only take me about half an hour to get all my writing letters and e-mails done.
Ciao,Elder Rubert

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter 1 Jul 2009


So I've gotten your letters so far, and my lacrosse stick from you. Thank you so much. So far I think you have gotten the letter I sent you on the first day, and probably will get the email that I will send you tomorrow before you get this.

Just to give you a quick summary of what has happened so far, the second day I was here I got to listen to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak, while seven other apostles sat on the stand.

Okay, time out. Real quick, how is Brock doing? Is he getting close to turning his papers in? Enclosed I also have a letter addressed to him, and if you could give it to him for me that would be awesome.

Sorry, now back to what I was saying, Elder Holland gave the most inspiring talk that I had ever heard, that talk changed my whole outlook on this mission.

Oh, and by the way, Trina sent me my garments so don't worry about it.

Okay, back to my story again, after listening to Elder Holland speak, we then had an amazing Sunday and (Don't tell anyone, but I joined the MTC choir. Just kidding, tell everyone.) I had the opportunity to have fourteen of the fifteen living apostles at our sacrament meeting and I got to sing to them which was awesome. I am so happy I got called early, because of this I got to be here for all the apostles that were here for the Mission Presidents Seminar that was on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then on Tuesday I got to listen to the managing director of the MTC, Brother Allen. He has got to be one of the funniest people I've ever heard talk at a church function. Then last night we had a fireside where that Lund guy that wrote The Work and the Glorytalked, and he gave a pretty decent talk as well. He gave a real life mission talk that hit me pretty hard. Hope everything is going well.

Ciao, Elder Rubert

P.S. Tell Rebekah to read Ether. That book changed my opinion of the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week 1 at MTC

How is everything going with you guys,
and I was also wondering if you guys
could send me a couple more pairs of my
gym shorts, and a couple more t-shirts,
I didn't realize that I would have gym 5
days a week. I thought that it was only
once a week like in the mission field.

But here at the MTC so far it has been great,
and I was also wanting to thank you
for sending me the lacrosse stick. The only
problem is that there is no screw to
keep the head on lol. When I was throwing
with it earlier, the head went flying and
almost hit Elder Raynor in the head.

I didn't know that it took 5-6 days to
order pictures from the bookstore, or I would
have put pictures in with the letter that I
sent to you guys, included in there is
a letter for Randy, and a letter for Brock.
If you could give those letters to them
for me that would be awesome. So I will send
you those pictures as soon as I get them
and they should go with the letters,

And if the Bishop asks, my favorite Scripture
is Ether 12:4. I took a picture here
but you might want to photoshop it so that
i'm not standing in front of a door.
Or you can put it up like it is. I really
don't care which.

I just thought you might like it if i sent
you an e-mail and said hi.


Elder Rubert