Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23 - Letter

I'm learning lots and teaching the lessons in spanish now so it is way fun. And Tell Brother Green that I say hi! On tuesday we got to here Elder Groberg come and speak to us. I used to love going to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's center to go and chat with him. It's sad that he's not the temple president down there anymore. I think that the best thing that i've learned since coming here is how to effectively study. That means that I can fix all that stuff I messed up in college. I hope you guys are all having fun and don't forget to keep playing lots of games and keep up on music and movies for me for when I get home.
Love ya lots,

I got the package and thanks for everything thats in it. Tell everyone thank you for me and do me a favor and make sure that you get matthew something for me for his birthday, and make sure that he lets brother hulme see that talk as soon as school starts and that he gets that crazy old seminary teacher to write me.

Hope you guys are all having fun.


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