Tuesday, October 6, 2009

06-OCT-2009 Letter

Yes I had a chance to watch conference, it was amazing. I thought Elder Holland's talk was amazing. It's crazy that another temple is going up in Utah again. Tell Duane, Jacob, and the new baby happy birthday for me. That's crazy that the baby is already here. When I left, which feels like yesterday, there was still plenty of time until the baby was coming. Tell everyone down in Salt Lake hi for me while your there. Wish you guys luck with everything. This week we have had so much happening. Getting ready for conference and trying to get all of our investigators and less active members to come. Then Sunday was amazing. We got to the church at like 8:30 for the Choir broadcast, then we got to stay for both sessions of conference, and then afterward we got to go and see people get baptized. It was amazing. I was so exhausted because I don't think I have felt the spirit that strong for so long ever in my life. IT DRAINED ME COMPLETELY. but. I was also able to sleep like a baby so thats the good part. Now I promised Corbett that I would send out a quiz for everyone about conference. Now if everyone that could possibly take this quiz and then send it to me back with their answers in an e-mail that would be awesome(P.S. My email is benrubert@myldsmail.net). And see if Brother Hulme could answer this quiz for me as well. Ok, so here it goes.
Conference Quiz:
Saturday Morning
1.What did Richard G. Scott say is the thing that overcomes spiritual guidance? And In your own words what is something that we can do to prevent that from happening?

2. What did David A. Bednar say are the three things that we need to do to become more diligent and concerned at home(I think we do pretty good at this one!)? And Is there anything else that you could add on to this principle?

3. Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked to us about what we should be known for. What did you learn from this talk and what do you want to be known for? Saturday Afternoon

4. Robert D. Hales talked about letting the evidence of God all around us humble us. What is someting that stuck out specifically in this talk to you and how can you apply it in your life?

5. In Boyd K. Packer's story about the cow, what was the name of that cow? Priesthood Session

6. M. Russell Ballard talked to us about how to fix the relationships we have as fathers and sons. What stuck out to you the most about this talk, and what do you think would help to add to what he said about fixing the father and son relationship?

7. What did Walter F. Gonzalez say that we could do to make the Book of Mormon the most well read and applied book in the world? and How can we apply this in our every day lives?

8. Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a jaw-dropping talk about the importance of work and education. What did you learn and what can we do to apply what we have been taught?
what can we do to apply what we have been taught?

9. Henry B. Eyring talked about being prepared. How can we apply what he told us about always being prepared to be a worthy instrument in the Lord's hands?

10. Thomas S. Monson gave us an amazing talk on the danger of anger. How can we take what he talked about and eliminate this dangerous force from our lives?

Sunday Morning
11. Henry B. Eyring says that we must all become better, because it is a commandment. He also focused a lot on the family. How can we use his suggestions on the family to better improve our goal of becoming "perfect"? (Because God never commands us to do something that isn't possible, and He commanded us to "be perfect". SO HOW DOES THAT WORK?)

12. H. David Burton gave a talk on -ity virtues. Pick one of your favorite -ity virtues and tell me how from this talk you are able to find out what you can do to improve that virtue?

13. Was Russell M. Nelson able to read his personal revelation from the middle of the night? Sunday Afternoon

14. Jeffrey R. Holland. Enough said. Thoughts?

All Sessions:

15. What are some "callouts" that you heard for the people of the church and how can we fix what we were being called out on?

Well that is it for the conference quiz. Wow that took a lot longer to write then I thought that it would. Hope to hear from everyone and that everyone is having a blast. I know I am.

Oh, and for this transfer I'm staying in Compton so this will be where I'm at:
Elder Benjamen Rubert
6500 E. Atherton St.
Long Beach, CA 90815

It's better for mail to go there so if you have a different address. There is the new one.

Love you all. (Love was a huge theme this conference.) Ciao, Elder Rubert

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