Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30-mar-2010 letter

Hola Familia Rubert,

Esta semana tuvimos muchas oportunidades para servir a otras personas, y tambiƩn estamos preparando Kaj por su bautismo. We are way stoked about that and really excited to be working out here in the Lord's vineyard. I hope that everything is still going awesome back there and that you are all reading and praying. This last week Elder Knight and I have had many opportunites to share the gospel with others and to teach a lot of people that there is modern prophet on Earth today. Crazy mind-blowing subject I know. We had another opportunity to visit with Myumi again as well. Myumi is Bro. Miller's wife who lives in Tokyo,Japan and works for Toyota. She is doing amazing even though her job takes her all over the world, she is running into missionaries everywhere and seeing the blessings that the gospel brings to their family. It's sometimes hard to focus on teaching because she can't really understand all of our English, especially when we start talking about the gospel. But the spirit can still teach her and we've been feeling the Spirit very strongly in our lessons with her. The gospel is so true!!

Love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Rubert

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23-mar-2010 letter

Just to let you know that package did get to the mission office and the shirt fits great. Thank you for all of the Girl Scout Cookies as well. Mmmmmmmmm. THis last week has been great, we have another baptism coming up in a couple of weeks for a man named Kaj. It is going ot be awesome, and we found out that I'm still staying in the Cypress 1st ward( by the end of this transfer I will have served in this ward for 6 months) and I'm still with Elder Knight for another transfer as well. We are on bike this next transfer though which will be great. The worst thing in missionary work is when you pass people on the sides because you are in a car. In a bike you can just stop and talk to them. It's great. I'm stoked for this next transfer and we are going to be having lots of success. I love the Cypress 1st ward and am stoked to be able to be here to see all the progress the Lord's Kingdom is making in this area. I hope also that you all are still reading the copies of the Book of Mormon that I sent you so that you can get the blessings and knowledge that God wants you to recieve. I was reading in my studies the other day about the importance of personal revelation, and then when I got my package and was looking through the March Ensign there was that awesome article about not interrupting revelation and this is what I came up with:

How to recieve personal revelation:

1. Live worthy of the Holy Ghost by keeping your covenants and obeying the commandments.
2. Practice listening to the Holy Ghost so that you can recognize when it is talking to you.
3. Write the revelation down that the Lord gives you so that you can ponder and reflect on it.
4. Ponder and Reflect on it.
5. Pray and thank the Lord for the revelation that you have recieved and ask ,"Is there anything more?"

I love you all and hope that you continue reading, praying, going to your church meetings, and magnifying you callings so that you can all be blessed and then we can all be a huge blessed family.

Love you all,

Elder Rubert

P.S. Don't forget conference is coming up, write down some questions you have so that the General Authorities can recieve revelation to answer them for you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter from Sister Ginny Garr

Hi there,

My name is Sister Ginny Garr from the Cypress 1st ward. We have lived with our 4 children here in the ward for 25 yrs.Your sons Elder Rubert and Elder Knight are serving in our ward. I also have a son on a mission serving in the Chicago Illinois North Mission. Since he has been out a very kind sister in his area sent me pictures of him. I decided that is a great idea and thought I would do the same. We are fortunate to have your sons serving in our ward. They are diligent and I am always happy to have them in our home. They are a great example to our 17 yr. old son who is the last of our children left at home. Thank you for allowing them to bless our ward. They are fine young men.

God bless you.

Ginny Garr:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16-mar-2010 letter


This week has been great. It's good to hear that you got to go and have a little Irish Celebration. Then alo that everyone is doing so well. I didn't get that box by the way, are you sure you sent it to the right address? Everything here this week has been going great. We have transfer calls coming again and this is the last week of the transfer. We have been working really hard and trying to find more people to teach, and we are finding people, but mostly the spanish people want to learn, so we refer them to the Elders that work in the Spanish ward. But I hope that everything over there is going awesome and that you are all still having family home evening, and reading the book of mormon as a family every night.

Love you all,

Elder Rubert

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

09-mar-2010 letter

Hello Family,

This last week has been great! We have started teaching a lot more which means that we don't have to spend as much time tracting. We had an amazing lesson with an investigator on Sunday that just realized that he already had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and when he could summon up the courage to say that he had that testimony, the Spirit completely enveloped the room. Awesome.

Everyone here in California keeps telling me that this is one of the worst winters they've had in years. I'm confused because it's just rained a couple of times. Feels like springtime to me. But, what can you do when people live somewhere where there aren't really seasons. I am excited to have General Conference coming up soon again. I hope that everyone is having a good time.

Love you all,

Elder Rubert

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

02-MAR-2010 letter

Photos from the baptism: Elder Knight, Elder Rubert and Lynn.

And the baptism went amazing. We had like all of the 1st ward there and lots of people from other wards too. Not even counting all of his family that came to support him. It was a little weird having my first English baptism. I almost forgot how to say it in English. But the spirit was really strong and it was a great day and afterwards we went outside and the storm that had been going on had stopped and there was a rainbow over the church parking lot. So Lynn went out there and did a He-Man yell under the rainbow and his family took pictures. It was a great day.