Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24-november-2009 letter

This week had been awesome. And we have been having a blast.
It's a little weird being in an English ward though,
so I don't get to speak Spanish as much, but it is
still a blast, and we get to teach english to spanish
speakers so I still get in lots of spanish
practice. I would say that I can say everything
that I really ever want to say, so I'm stoked to
learn how to teach everything in English Now.
To answer your question, yes i've
had a few baptims now and they were pretty awesome.
I'm stoked for thanksgiving, we have like 3 or 4 dinner
appointments. I MIGHT EXPLODE! But that would be okay,
because it is going to be sooooooooo good.
Tell everyone that I say Hi, and that I'm still
having a blast. I will pray for Cody, so Love you
all and talk to you next week.
Elder Rubert

Hey how goes it?
The work in this new area is a lot different because we spend a lot of time
with less-active members. We are living with members now which is weird, and
this is the first time on my mission where I have had to consistently teach
in English. I FORGOT HOW! But even though I'm speaking English with everyone
my Spanish is still getting better and better. I can speak spanish well
enough to teach an english class and be able to say everything that I want
to say and have enough vocab that I can give them new words. It's way fun.
THAT'S CRAZY WITH CODY! I hope he's doing better and let him know that I
hope he gets better.
And yeah I've had a couple of Baptisms so far, and am having a blast and the
Lord is blessing me with plenty of success.
Elder Rubert
P.S. I really fun spanish word: Parangamacutirimicuaro

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