Tuesday, September 8, 2009

08-SEP-2009 Letter

Hey everything is going awesome here.

First things first is to answer all your questions.There are 6 weeks between transfers, and yes my companion is awesome. Yes tuesday is my pday but last week it was on monday and I think it will be on monday in a couple weeks too. It's just that sometimes there is a change because we have our mission tour coming. And an answer to if I would like anything else in the box. I will take any food that you will send me, brownie mixes, mac and cheese boxes and etc. sound really good. And printers are a pain in the rear so I completely understand that the one hinge would be a problem. And yes I have adjusted to the missionary schedule as much as anyone else here has.

Now..whoo... To the letter for the week. This week was awesome. It sounds like the fair that you guys went to was no fun because you guys were all sick. I decided that I was going to read the Book of Mormon straight through so that I could get all the stories straight for me so I started on last Wednesday and I am working my way through Alma right now. It is so much fun to be speaking two different languages all day everyday. Some of our lessons we teach in English and read in Spanish some lessons we teach in both languages because half the family speaks Spanish and the other half speak English(I don't know how that works out), and other lessons are all English or all Spanish. It is helping me be able to switch back to English but at the same time it kind of makes learning all the Spanish a little harder. MARIA came to church on sunday and she was awesome. She brought her granddaughter and next week her two kids and two granddaughters should be there too. You wanted to know what my daily schedule is so I'll give you a quick little itinerary:
A day in the life of Elder Rubert
6:25-Wake up and put my gym clothes on
8:00-Personal Study
9:00-Companion Study
10:00-Spanish Study
11:00- Teach a lesson
12:00- Teach another lesson
1:00- Lunch
2:00- Teach
3:00- Otra Cita de ensenanza
4:00- Teach another Child of God
5:00- Eat amazing food at a member's house
6:00- teach again
7:00- Teach again
8:00- Teach again
9:00- Plan for the teaching apointments the next day
9:30- Second Dinner
10:30- Sleep(and do it all again tomorrow)

So I have lots of fun and its all having a blast and talking to new people everyday. I think in the last 2 weeks that I've only had to tract for like 2 hours total, we are teaching and finding so many people on the way to our next appointment it's awesome. And I can see the ocean everyday it is awesome, as we're driving on the freeway we look one way and see down town L.A. and we look another way and see the pier.
Keep on keepin' on,

Elder Ben Rubert

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