Monday, December 6, 2010

29-nov-2010 letter

Hello Mom,

I'm stoked to hear that everything went well. I don't think that grandma is the only one that is going to have a problem with technology. I've been seeing some of the technology here in Huntington Beach that has come out while I've been gone and it blows my mind! Next time you talk to Penny, tell her that I say hi. This week has been interesting and all with transfers coming up tomorrow. Elder Harris and I are going to stay together for another transfer and there were only a couple changes to the Zone. This transfer is Christmas and we are going to get to have a half mission conference for Christmas that will be amazing, and then I'm very excited to call home on Christmas and get to talk to ya'll. Tell Matt, when I drove the saturn to school everyday I woke up and went and started the car with the heater on, pulled the keys out(because they just slide out), locked the doors went in and showered and ate breakfast, and when I came outside the car was nice and cozy and all the windows were defrosted. Just a thought. I'm also loving the Christmas season, Elder Harris and I have started practicing (para que no sueno como cuervo) our Christmas Caroling. This week we were able to teach a lot of new people and the other day we found a family that we just started teaching. I'm very excited to see how fast they will progress. Well, thanks for all the treats in the box that you sent me, and I"m going to see if I can finish those cookies before July. I love you all and thanks to Rebekah for the picture of snow.


Elder Rubert

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