Monday, November 15, 2010

nov-15-2010 letter

Hey Mom,
This week has been amazing. Elder Harris and I were able to see Benitocome to church yesterday which was fantastic. He is getting so closeto being able to be baptized so that his family can start progressingtowards the temple. Sounds like Matt has a fun project ahead of him.I love working with cars! Tell Grandma hi for me and I'll be waitingfor that package. If you haven't sent it yet, could you through in anew copy of Preach My Gospel in English? I'm glad to hear thateverything is going well with all of you. Today for our preparationday Elder Harris, Lefevor, Herrera and I are going to go play soccerat the church and use the 2 ovens in the kitchen to make Banana Breadtoday! I'm so stoked to eat some fresh banana bread. We just had ourmission tour with Elder Zwick of the Seventy and it was amazing. Itwas supposed to end at 3 but afterwards we didn't know that he wantedto meet with all of the Zone Leaders as well, so Elder Harris and Ididn't get out of there till about 5. He talked to us all about theimportance of being willing to change and about how the Law ofSacrifice applies to us right now as missionaries and for the rest ofour lives. I'm really happy that most of the things that he explainedwere things that I was already doing to try and change. I don't wantto be the person that I was when I left. I know that God expects me,as well, to be better. I love the Gospel and all of the opportunitiesthat it gives us to serve. In the Zone Leader meeting he gave usreally good leadership training that helped a lot. Well I love youall and hope that everything keeps going great. I'll talk to you soon!
Elder Rubert
P.S. Love you all!

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