Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From Elder Moore's letter - 19-apr-2011

Elder Moore sent a lot more detailed story than I did. You can post it if you want.
"So as you can tell today is tuseday and i am emailing you. well that is because today i went to the Temple so for know my Pday has switched. anyway i went to the 5:30 seccion this morning and i am just sitting there just drinking in the peace when i here some more people walk in. so i turn around to see if it was anyone else for my zone and if i knew. well it they were not from my zone but i did how ever know who they were (well at least one of them). At first(by the way i am not telling you the persons name yet for a reason) i thought "hey that Elder looks like Elder Ruben he must be from the glendale zone". Then i looked a little closer at who it really was. And that is when Memory Kid in.
"I do know him and he knows me too!! but dose he remember me enough to know who i am?" So we go though the session and i am thinking "I wonder if he remeber me from back then?"we get to the end and we are going to go in to the celestail room and he sit next to me and he kind of looks over (To me at this point in the story Form the way he stare at me i KNOW he can't remeber where he met me). we get to the Celestial room and i sit down and he sit down in a chair across the room and i thought that i would say hi once we got in. but that changed after like 3 mintues. He came over and sat next to trun my direction and asked "Do i know you from some where? I swear that i know we met before" well i turn to him (holding back the laughs) and say "Trina is my Aunt." And is saw the light bulb go off in his head. "oh Your Brett Moore. i thought that was you but for some reason i thought that you were on the other side of the country" I told him, "no that is my sister Becca" So we talked a little longer about Our missions and how fast it had gone by and what had been said about conference and how his mission pres had said that when they get home to heed the Prophet's council. He also said that when elders would go home in the LONG Beach Mission his old mission pres. would open the white had book and read "Go to your nest area with out delay and Find you next companion quickly. The only differents from the mission is that you get to choose your next companion." We talked out side the temple a little and took a picture (trina you will have it by now) and talk of how Corbett is now the only one who is not married out of the family.He mentioned That when corbett get back, However, "That Boy has a full ride to BYU in ballroom and Is at byu He will have no problem get married." Yes Corbett I Too Agree with your Cousin that you will have no problem sweeping girls off their feet. So Can you guess who i Met at the temple i Know think i could have made it any Clear than by saying. That i Saw Elder Benjamin Rubert at the temple. Boy that was fun."

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