Monday, February 7, 2011

18-JAN-2011 - Letter

--sorry I am behind in posting - had surgery on 18-Jan-2011 and just catching up ---- Amy

Hola Familia,

Its great to hear that everything is going great over there. I am so pumped, we were able to go to the Newport Temple this morning and we had a great time. We went with the whole district and I'll send you a picture of it next week. I love being able to go, even though it is outside of our mission. This past week Elder Harris and I have had some great opportunities to teach, and coming up tomorrow we have three days of training in Long Beach. So that will be fun to get to see the leadership of the mission. I love it, because then I get to see Elder Knight. Oh, and tell Matt, that I"m still waiting for a chance to go and use the church computers so that I can send him a picture of the big dreamcatcher that Elder Knight made me. The mission is going great and I'm happy to hear that everything continues well at home.
I love you all.


Elder Rubert

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