Tuesday, February 2, 2010

02-feb-2009 letter


Looks like they are starting to upgrade technology. This is my new e-mail address that you can let people know, benjamen.rubert@myldsmail.net. They just changed the service provider to now I'm basically using gmail. Pretty nice to be able to send and receive pictures and actually be able to keep the pictures and not just delete them right away.

I hope everything is going good for you guys this week and that you are all still doing well in your reading the Book of Mormon as a family. This last week has been really exciting with Elder Knight. Unfortunately Elder Herrera has to go home next Tuesday so today I am his official chauffeur. The mission is going great, and it is crazy to think that it is almost time for transfers again. Another busy week is what we are hoping for.

I love you all and hope you all keep being awesome.


Elder Rubert

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