Tuesday, March 9, 2010

09-mar-2010 letter

Hello Family,

This last week has been great! We have started teaching a lot more which means that we don't have to spend as much time tracting. We had an amazing lesson with an investigator on Sunday that just realized that he already had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and when he could summon up the courage to say that he had that testimony, the Spirit completely enveloped the room. Awesome.

Everyone here in California keeps telling me that this is one of the worst winters they've had in years. I'm confused because it's just rained a couple of times. Feels like springtime to me. But, what can you do when people live somewhere where there aren't really seasons. I am excited to have General Conference coming up soon again. I hope that everyone is having a good time.

Love you all,

Elder Rubert

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