Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12-JAN-2010 letter

Well this last week has been awesome. We have been teaching a couple of people for a while now and they are progressing more and more each time that we see them. Thanks for the e-mail, and that picture is from the reflections of christ exhibit that was here. You got the other picture of the bike right! Pretty sweet! I was stoked when Brother walker asked me if I wanted a picture sitting on it. I couldn't say no to something like that. I love the people here and the ward right now is doing awesome. George, the member that we live with, is looking at the blog for things written about him so I am going to say that he made some pretty killer waffles this morning. We have stake conference coming up this next weekend so that should be a little different and I hope that there will be an amazing talk given. I am so stoked to be here in SoCal with Elder Knight just serving the people.
Love you all.
Ciao, Elder Rubert
P.S. and yesterday I tried making that Jell-O cake that says "goof-proof" on it and we are going to try it today. I hope that I didn't mess it up?!

Note: I will try and get Ben's pictures scanned into the blog this week.

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