Tuesday, January 5, 2010

05-jan-2010 letter

Everything is going good here. I was told by Brother De Burgh that he came by and saw you all right after new years and dropped off my box. If I could request one of the new fiesta bowl shirts when they get them out that would be awesome. I have the old one, but a new one would be nice. This week has been awesome. I've started this new transfer and I'm training a new missionary from Richfield, Utah, named Elder Knight. He is lots of fun and I'm sending you some pics in the mail that you can look at too. Elder Horsfall and I have had fun living together at George's house. And remember, that the number that George called you at is a number that you can call and let him know if there is anything that I really need to know, and then like when you send a package he will make sure that it get's here and then give you a confirmation call. He's better than UPS!!! But I'm happy to hear that everything is going well with you.
Keep being awesome!
Ciao,Elder Rubert

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