Monday, June 6, 2011

06-jun-2011 letter

Hola Todos,

This last week has been great. We had a chance to have a few choice adventures with the Elders that we live with. Also! This week we have been able to contact again the Luna familia. They are doing very good. We are meeting with them a few times a week and as soon as the daughters get out of school we will be able to teach the whole family a lot more often. We also have some other investigators that are progressing and the district is looking great. Thanks for getting everything figured out with school Mom. I am excited for this next week and the district meeting that I get to give. It's about how to begin teaching and it is basically going over how to make a good first impression and to be nice and make people love you. For some reason I have been luck with that one. I don't have very much voice inflection and hearing me give a talk is about as fun as listening to Bruce R. McConkie talk about radiator on a car. I'm still working on that, but there's only so much progress I can make I guess. We are teaching the english class to the mesa family still and they are progressing very well. I love the people here and am excited for all the time I have to be here. I love you all as well.


Elder Rubert

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