Monday, May 9, 2011

09-MAY-2011 Letter

Hola Todos,
It was great to be able to talk to the family yesterday, and that makes it kind of hard to write today because I feel like I already said everything but here I go. This week we had a great week. We were finally able to get Elder Viecco in for his MRI and we will be going to the doctor tomorrow morning to figure out all of the results. On Friday we had our Multi-Zone conference and were able to go over some of the new mtc curriculum again and also to review a little about what Elder Perry talked about when he came last week. We've had some great luck finding as well. We went to go and visit one of the members of our ward this week that is less-active who we hadn't met yet and his brother was really interested in learning so we started teaching him. We also received a referral the other day from Elders Zuzunaga and Gillenwater (the elders we live with) for a family that is from Columbia. They have lot of potential and are a really great family. Then we had mother's day at church which went really well with a combined choir from the primary all the way to the high priests. Then, of course, we all got to call home which was great. We are going to have a really fast week this next week stock full of meetings and appointments so that should be a fun end to the transfer. Next week we'll be starting the first week of the next transfer. Well. That's about it. Love you all,
Elder Rubert

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