Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27-jul-2010 letter

This last week has been so amazing! We found out that Elder Soto and I will be staying together for another 6 weeks here in Hawaiian Gardens, and I am so excited to see that the Lord is blessing us with finding lots of people this last week. One of the ladies we found last week has already prayed and knows the Book of Mormon is true and is progressing fast to be able to make covenants with the Lord. Another thing that I realized today is that since Elder Soelberg and my name are on the lease for the apartment that when I get back that I am going to have some crazy good renter's credit because the church pays its bills on time. I love the work and everything is going great. I had a birthday present for Matthew and there is a funny story about it. I couldn't find a box that it would fit in right, so I taped two boxes together and took it to the post office and they said that because I was using the Priority mail box that I would have to pay the priority mail price. Then they told me that if I just covered it up that it would be fine. So I went and bought some spray paint and covered it all up. Then I went and shipped it, and it showed up 2 days later on our door with a notice saying that I broke some agreement with usps for using their shipping materials and not paying the priority price. So I'm waiting to send it until a little later. Happy Birthday Matt. Your present is coming in the mail. I just have to find where there is a UPS or Fed-Ex close to where I live.
Love you all,
Elder Rubert

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